Directional Drilling Machine | UB 3

Directional Drilling Machine
For horizontal directional drilling and underboring.

Directional Drilling Machine | UB 3

The UB 3 directional drilling machine is a hydraulically driven machine for horizontal directional drilling and underboring e.g. beneath roads. It is well-suited for installing sewer pipes, district heating pipes, cables and alike without digging the entire stretch. It is especially well-suited for installing connections to houses.

Attach the underboring machine to a hydraulic power pack or a machine with hydraulic outlet. Place the machine in a trench measuring at least 2 x 3 meters with a firm and horizontal ground, so you have sufficient space and can use it safely.

When the trench is established, place the machine on the bottom there by lifting it, e.g. with an excavator. Place the drill on the drill bit and mount next section when the drill is fully bored in.

The directional drilling machine is supplied with either Ø150 mm or Ø200 drills. Drilling direction and slope is easily adjusted with the handles to reach the desired position. Each drill section is 900 mm and maximum drill length is approx. 7 m. After reaching the desired drill length, pull back the drill with the sled one section at a time. Remove the drilled material with a hand shovel.



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