Flushing Drill Drive | SB 1

Flushing Drill Drive
For pre-drilling and flushing down wellpoint dewatering filters

Flushing Drill Drive | SB 1
The flushing drill drive is a device to pre-drill and flush down your wellpoint dewatering filters. It is designed with safety in top and can be mounted on e.g. cranes, excavators and alike for a fast and easy way to install wellpoint dewatering filers.

Drill drive and flushing pipes has a 3” (75 mm) passage for easy installation of 50 mm filters and gravel dumping. Flushing pipes are available in 4 – 8 meters.

The rotation of flushing pipes is driven by a hydraulic motor, with hose couplings connected to a hydraulic system. Moreover, the SB 1 flushing drill drive can be operated via a crane remote control to manage rotation and the opening / closing mechanism of the spade valve for filter installation and gravel dumping.



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