Road Dryer | RD 10

Raod Dryer
Dry up cracks in asphalt and concrete

Road Dryer | RD 10
The road dryer is a device to dry up cracks prior to sealing asphalt and concrete or before marking pedestrian crossing stripes. The road dryer finds wide application on roads and facilities.

RD 10 is equipped with a powerful heating gun in stainless steel, which blows 1000° C hot air during the drying process and is powered by a compact and solid 6.5 hp Honda engine.

The machine is extremely easy to operate and starts easily with an electric self-starter (key). RD 10 has an adjustable handle with on / off control of the burner. Likewise, it is extremely simple to move the heat gun from side to side, and the gas bottle can be easily changed.

Moreover, the automatic shut-off of gas at engine stop and when there is no burner flame makes it a very safe device.



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