Sealant Boiler | FKK 240

Sealant Boiler
For safely melting of sealant and thermoplastic

Sealant Boiler | FKK 240

The FKK 240 sealant boiler is a device to effectively and safely melt sealant and thermoplastic. The sealant boiler is double-walled and is heated by a thermostatically controlled gas burner and a possible 380-volt heating coil.

To achieve optimal heat utilization, heating is done via an oil bath in a fully insulated jacket. The insulated lid is fitted with an electric motor with gear, which drives the agitator. Moreover, it is designed so that the sealant block or thermoplastic can be carefully immersed in the tank through the lid and thus avoid splashes from the already molten mass in the tank.

Mount the FKK 240 sealant boiler on a trailer or a truck to easily move it around.



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